Sunday, December 19, 2010

Please Meet Jessica and Todd. They need our help.

Hi, I realize that I've not been on line for a while; mainly because of the Holiday and also; I have been taking so many classes on Blogging and I'm learning a lot.  The tough part is putting it all together and setting up a system that flows and is not about ME.  I love that because I'm a typical girl; I sometimes think things are about me.  I heard the best blogs are those who do not bore people with information about ourselves.  Therefore, my new format starts today (writing format that is) I will be changing the aesthetics of the Blog also.  Things are not flowing in that area just yet. 

Here goes, this week I'm presenting a friend from FaceBook.  You all may know her as Coco Hopo or maybe you know her as Jessica and Todd LaRue.  She will be my guest designer in a few weeks but right now, I feel it more important for me to help her and her family to be with Baby Draikaiden for the Holidays.  Please check out this link.  It's difficult to read and then hop back and I'll tell you why I am asking for help.

If this isn't bad enough friends, her and hubby were robbed last week.  I cannot even believe this.  Then to add insult to injury; they call their bank and turn the cards in as stolen and after that they allow all the money to be sucked out of the account.  How aggravating.  There are just not enough expletive typing forms I can use to explain how angry all this makes me. 

So here is what I am asking you.  Please, please join me in giving them any amount of money you can afford.  The amount does not matter, it's the thought that counts.  I really like this girl and she is very talented and I cannot imagine being without my child at Christmas and not even being able to be their because of an idiot who decided what was theirs would now be his.  How Rude...I'm just sayin!

To donate please utilize your PayPal Account to "gift" them "personal" money.  Their account is  This is on the up and up.  I am also going to contact the local news station to see if I can get them involved.  Here in Oregon our news people love human interest stories.  At that point if there is a financial institution named, I will let you all know. 

I just decided if I get more than 100 comments telling me that you've donated to this cause; I will have a drawing for a gift worth up to $25 and if there is 200 or more comments; the drawing will be for an Ultimate Crafters Companion.  Wow, what a great gift.  Here's the link for it.

Check it out.  It is worth a lot.  You can make every size of envelope imaginable.  Enveloboxes, emboss anything, measure, cut, etc.  There is also a DVD.  I have one and accidentally bought another one.  I  will allow multiple comments if you've referred people; just let me know who they are and don't forget to tell them to comment that they gave to the cause.  I do not want to know how much anyone gives; I just want to know they did. 

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