Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Questions Answered...

I cannot tell you how embarrassed I am at having not posted this earlier.  Chris please forgive me.  I wrote this up right when you asked and then I did this.  I think it's because it was my Grandson Cristian's birthday that  day and I was trying to do too many things at once.  I am sincerely sorry for forgetting this; bad, bad NayNay.  See below

This was my question from a fellow blogger:
"I would love to know where to by the clear sleeves for greeting cards. Thanks for you help. I did not sign into my blog yesterday been under the weather. I hope you are doing the card challenge with us. Please tell your friends too,. hugs Chris Wooten"
This is a great question and those of us in Oregon had a difficult time finding the clear sleeves until one day; there it was a place right on the Internet. I love anything that I do not have to go out to get! Here's the information:

This is just one of the internet options. Also, there is a company named DiNami Design out of Kent, WA and last but not least; 7 gypsies.  They are my absolute favorite.  I love the quality of all of their items.  Plus (note: I didn't check their site today, usually a lot of great sales.).  Remember, I didn't check the site today!

Monday I will be starting a new format and being more active on my blog.  Unfortunately no one participated in my last challenge, so...not much to do.  I promise I have a lot of fun items planned and have been taking classes on blogging and other things that will keep you interested. 

God Bless Everyone!


  1. Thank you Renee for posting the answer for me. I am going to bookmark these sites when I get time to shop for them. YOu did say your favorite is 7 gypsies. I will check them out first. Thanks

    Happy Birthday to your son. Gosh Renee, I have that same problem,lol. Sometimes I am so tired I do not even realize that my spelling is all bad.

    I using post online without ever using caps etc...just because I am lazy that way too.


  2. Hi Renee,
    Thanks so much for the kind comments about my blog. That really means a lot to me. Here is the link of what I was passing on to you. Enjoy..


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