Sunday, March 20, 2011

Finally, I am back!

It seems like forever and I have missed the commraderie of blogging. Everything just seems to be off when I do not blog. So, I'll try not to have my computer crash again. I fought so hard to get it fixed under the warranty and then they sent it back only partially fixed. I am disappointed because I love HSN for the crafting situation, but not so much on the laptop situation. Anyway, enough negative, blah.

Here is a copy of an anniverasary card I made for my parents to give to their brother and sister-in-law. I did forget to take it after I put the Happy Anniversay rub-on on it, but its still just as beautiful! Also, I forgot that I only had my MotoCliq handy to take the pic, so please excuse the fuzziness. I think you'll still be able to enjoy it!

This is just a card I made after cutting out over 100 images from Cindy Loo and Create a Critter. I had a lot of fun and then sat down and just put many different types of cards together. I plan on sharing the others in the near future. The background paper is from DCWV packet; the plain paper is Cricut and Stampin Up and the rub-ons are from Three Birds. Flowers and Ribbon from Stampin Up. Oh, and the pens I used are Sakura. Often time I love just to do mad cutting on my cricut and then sit and put cards together. It's so fun!

I'd love it if you let me know what you think other than that it is blurry. I do know that and I will make certain that I have my digital camera; as I have now learned that my flip camera and phone are virtually worthless. Thanks for visiting and I'm so happy to be back!

Also, very soon, I will be holding a contest for some blog candy and I hope you will like it. Friday, March 25, CKC will be here in Portland and I am signed up for 5 classes, plus I will be doing one crop with my friends from
HeartString Designers. Here are their links:!/pages/Heartstring-Designs/143099052169

If you are new and lost at how to start scrapbooking or making cards, trust me this company is the most cost effective company for card and scrapbooking kits that there are. I have ordered from them all and only trust Carl and Sharon Jensen in everything. Customer Service is more important to them than any other business on the internet. Give them a try; you will not be disappointed! Tell them I sent you, I don't get paid for it, I just love them and want them to know it.

Craft Yourself Away... NayNay

Friday, January 14, 2011

We're Back and Our Guest Designer as Promised is Steph Guerra !

Typically, Steph just loves to do cards (as I've noted below), however, I wanted her to design a home deco project and I just love this!  So if you have a teen, pre-teen or if you just love it like I do; below are the instructions on how to put this together.

But first, lets get to know her:

This is Steph!

She is 18 years old and she hails from South Florida.
She has had her Cricut for approximately a year and a half.
Her other fave tools: Cuttlebug, ATG, Gypsy

She owns 143 carts (Lucky!)
She has two siblings and she doesn't feel she has talent; she
states this is just something she likes to do.   I really believe she
has so much talent that I'm linking you to her blog. 
Can you say Fabulous?
You really just have to visit; you will be an instant follower.
She will be a Freshman in College next year.  Her
Major: Not 100% sure but she's leaning towards English Major


This is a hanging to hang on the front door for the New Year'
My thought is what a great thing to do each month and
re-decorate for each month. 
Cart Names: Smiley Cards    (Smiley Faces)
Songbird  (2011)
Sesame Street font  (Happy New Year)
Batman   (1/1/11)
She used the gypsy to set up the icons to cut them out.
This really was a simple project so there aren't too many steps
1. Cut out the 2011 bigger than the rest.
2. Then cut out the Happy New Year and 1/1/11 at a smaller size and place on top of the hanging.
3. The hanging is cut at 8x5.
4. Cut out the smiley faces with it's layers and paste onto wall hanging
5. Paper used is from the Tim Holtz Lost and Found Paper Pad

Let me know if you have any questions.  Again, I want to apologize for being late at posting.  I have literally had seven, yes seven family emergencies including my mother whom I am so close to.  She'll be a guest designer making the classiest cards ever when she is feeling better; she's 85 this year!  I really am trying not to let family situations pre-empt my blog but there was no way around this.  Please forgive and we'll try not to go there again.

I have four guest designers set up and I can not wait for you to experience their projects.  Steph you did a fabulous job and next time; I want you to do your cards.  We need to get the youth of our country involved in this fun hobby.  Thank you for all you have done for me and hope you'll visit again!

                                           Craft Yourself Away…with


Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Last Day of 2010 !

Hi, well as promised I am posting the pictures of all the goodies I received from Heartstring Designers.  No matter what, these two are stand up people and I cannot imagine not doing business with them. They are kind and believe in the Golden Rule and these days, that is saying a whole lot, believe me.

Two Months of Housecalls

Two months worth of Housecalls

One month of Housecalls Left of blank space

One Month of Housecalls

One Month of Housecalls (Center of picture)

One month of Housecalls

Here goes.  There are six pictures and I tried not to overlap them at all.  Unfortunately, I have misplaced my good camera so all I had was my video and I do not get the best pics from them.  Whats important is to read caption and it will give you the volume of what I received. 

Now, what to start with.  I'll be playing for the next few days so will see what I come up with.  I don't like to use anything but one kit at a time.  So while I file everything away so I can locate what I want to use, I keep their directions so I know I'm using the accoutrement's for the appropriate month.

So, Next year I start out with a new format!  My first post for the New Year will be that of a guest designer.  I think she is fabulous and have asked her to do a Home Dec idea.  She's 18 years old and hales from Florida; so she has a great project for your teens to hang on their bedroom door! I love the idea and I am sure your teen will love it too!  See you tomorrow. 

Craft Yourself Away                 NayNay

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Please Meet Jessica and Todd. They need our help.

Hi, I realize that I've not been on line for a while; mainly because of the Holiday and also; I have been taking so many classes on Blogging and I'm learning a lot.  The tough part is putting it all together and setting up a system that flows and is not about ME.  I love that because I'm a typical girl; I sometimes think things are about me.  I heard the best blogs are those who do not bore people with information about ourselves.  Therefore, my new format starts today (writing format that is) I will be changing the aesthetics of the Blog also.  Things are not flowing in that area just yet. 

Here goes, this week I'm presenting a friend from FaceBook.  You all may know her as Coco Hopo or maybe you know her as Jessica and Todd LaRue.  She will be my guest designer in a few weeks but right now, I feel it more important for me to help her and her family to be with Baby Draikaiden for the Holidays.  Please check out this link.  It's difficult to read and then hop back and I'll tell you why I am asking for help.

If this isn't bad enough friends, her and hubby were robbed last week.  I cannot even believe this.  Then to add insult to injury; they call their bank and turn the cards in as stolen and after that they allow all the money to be sucked out of the account.  How aggravating.  There are just not enough expletive typing forms I can use to explain how angry all this makes me. 

So here is what I am asking you.  Please, please join me in giving them any amount of money you can afford.  The amount does not matter, it's the thought that counts.  I really like this girl and she is very talented and I cannot imagine being without my child at Christmas and not even being able to be their because of an idiot who decided what was theirs would now be his.  How Rude...I'm just sayin!

To donate please utilize your PayPal Account to "gift" them "personal" money.  Their account is  This is on the up and up.  I am also going to contact the local news station to see if I can get them involved.  Here in Oregon our news people love human interest stories.  At that point if there is a financial institution named, I will let you all know. 

I just decided if I get more than 100 comments telling me that you've donated to this cause; I will have a drawing for a gift worth up to $25 and if there is 200 or more comments; the drawing will be for an Ultimate Crafters Companion.  Wow, what a great gift.  Here's the link for it.

Check it out.  It is worth a lot.  You can make every size of envelope imaginable.  Enveloboxes, emboss anything, measure, cut, etc.  There is also a DVD.  I have one and accidentally bought another one.  I  will allow multiple comments if you've referred people; just let me know who they are and don't forget to tell them to comment that they gave to the cause.  I do not want to know how much anyone gives; I just want to know they did. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Questions Answered...

I cannot tell you how embarrassed I am at having not posted this earlier.  Chris please forgive me.  I wrote this up right when you asked and then I did this.  I think it's because it was my Grandson Cristian's birthday that  day and I was trying to do too many things at once.  I am sincerely sorry for forgetting this; bad, bad NayNay.  See below

This was my question from a fellow blogger:
"I would love to know where to by the clear sleeves for greeting cards. Thanks for you help. I did not sign into my blog yesterday been under the weather. I hope you are doing the card challenge with us. Please tell your friends too,. hugs Chris Wooten"
This is a great question and those of us in Oregon had a difficult time finding the clear sleeves until one day; there it was a place right on the Internet. I love anything that I do not have to go out to get! Here's the information:

This is just one of the internet options. Also, there is a company named DiNami Design out of Kent, WA and last but not least; 7 gypsies.  They are my absolute favorite.  I love the quality of all of their items.  Plus (note: I didn't check their site today, usually a lot of great sales.).  Remember, I didn't check the site today!

Monday I will be starting a new format and being more active on my blog.  Unfortunately no one participated in my last challenge, so...not much to do.  I promise I have a lot of fun items planned and have been taking classes on blogging and other things that will keep you interested. 

God Bless Everyone!

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