Friday, November 26, 2010

Congratulations to My BlogHop Winner!

I just wanted to post the winner of the first Blog Hop I participated in.  This was such a positive experience and I had a fabulous time.  I've not been able to visit all of the participants blogs yet, but I will.  Thanks for taking time even though I noticed that most of you were out shopping early this morning and many of you did get great deals on your crafting supplies.  I love that

The winner of the Black Friday Blog Hop is Theresa of JuicyCreations.  Congratulations!  You have won a three pack of Sizzix, Sizzilits, named Baby Animals.

                                                                                          Keep Crafting,  NayNay


  1. There's something on my blog I'd like to give you. Come check it out!

  2. Thank you for your kind words on my new and very inexperienced blog! Mine is scrappinwithJackie You do follow me and offered to give me some advice on mine as I am totally clueless. I am hoping to take you up on that... I just cannot do it right now. My husband and I own a Christian Bookstore in Muskegon Michigan and I am a tad overwhelmed with all I need to do for work... I am looking forward to a snowy January where I can figure my blog out! The Economy is very tough and business is slow/unpredictable! God will provide! Thank you though... You really have lifted my spirits today when I saw your post. I will figure this out... Just other family things must come first! Thank you so much. My real email is pjritsema at gmail dot com... Look for questions from me in the future. I also am on facebook through Jackie Scraps! Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas Season!

  3. Rene I would love to know where to by the clear sleeves for greeting cards. Thanks for you help. I did not sign into my blog yesterday been under the weather. I hope you are doing the card challenge with us. Please tell your friends too,.

    Chris Wooten


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