Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Blog Hop Continues

Hi, welcome to the hop!  If you have just stumbled upon my side; Fabulous!  If you've arrived because I was the next on the list, see the blog entry below for what to do.  I've learned that my pictures are not very good and I apologize for that.  On this side they look fabulous.  My digital took a dive last week and I've not had time to get it repaired yet, I will definitely work on that!  Again, I'm so sorry if you cannot see the pictures because the little purse is so cute. 

Any way, I have changed the parameters of participation:

Follow me and try to bring two followers.
Leave a comment telling me about your best crafting purchase you made during black Friday
and Please give me five things you are thankful for. 

I am thankful for...
*the fact that I still have both of my parents (they are 84 and young)!
*my three grandchildren, the lights in my eyes!
*my crafting addiction, it doesn't hurt anyone!
  I know we can't eat anything but TopRamen because of it, but hey
  aren't we all just "watching our weight"?
  Just Kidding LOL.  I don't think I can ever be completely serious.
*My four tiny teacup poodles.  Fabulous
*All of my family and friends...including all of you who I am meeting
  through this blog and Facebook.   You are all important to me! This part
  is serious!

So, to one and all have a fabulous weekend.
I will run my digital down to the digital camera hospital and see if they are able to resuscitate her.  Probably not, since it's the holidays and they will think they can sell me a new one.  Nada, I think I still have my old one (I'll go look now).
                                                                         Keep Crafting, NayNay


  1. sorry to here about your camera and sorry I can not see your picture so sad, but anyways I am going to be a follower with you, so please come visit me we to are having a hop today, thanks Debbie

  2. I got a big sized cricut last year on black friday for only $188.00! The big one because the small ones at that price were all gone!
    This year I am thankful for:
    1.) My nanny was able to be here again for the holiday's for another year
    2.) My family
    3.) That my kitty came back home after missing for 4 months
    4.) That I am healthy
    5.) That I was able to be blessed with creativity!

    Contact Info: incase I get a chance to win the amazing blog candy give-away! Happy Holiday's!

  3. Sorry your camera is on the fritz. Hope you can get it fixed without having to spend alot of $$$$.

    Best buy was storage cubes for a little over $13.00.

    Thankful for: 1) my grandchildren 2) my sons 3)My BFF (Laura) 4)My faith and trust in God 5)My freeddom as an American citizen.

    cureta2 at yahoo dot com

  4. I just posted about my amazing deals. Please visit when you can!

    I am thankful for: my husband, my children, my dog, my crafting friends, and my job.



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