Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Icy, Icy Day Today Perfect weather for a Blog Hop!

Today has been an interesting day to say the least and I say that because, if any of you are familiar with the Northwest you know we do not get severe weather.  Well, not only did it snow last night (not a lot, just a dusting) our temperatures dropped here at my home to 22 degrees.  I ended up talking with the nicest gal in New Mexico and she has it was cold there; 80 degrees. What I wouldn't do for her weather with all these post injuries I have, I'd be in heaven there.  It's hard to recover from being hit at 55 mph when you're sitting still.  No worries, I will be fine!

I just wanted to let you all know that I will be keeping this light for the next few days, with the Holidays here and with everyone getting ready for them, there won't be much time for much.  I'm going to post a few pictures here of just a few cards.  These were made for our Community Center.  We give food and clothing to those in the community who need help.  I've been doing this for a couple of years and it gets to getting busy.  If anyone is interested in helping me.  We are adding any type of card birthday, Valentine, Sympathy, whatever type of card you'd like to make.  I'd love to have the help.  I hadn't thought of asking for help from anyone until I saw that Chris over at Turned Gypsy asked for help and that made me realize that I do not have to try to be super human!  The cards I have made to date are thank you cards; however, we will accept any type of card.  They are for our communities under-privileged.  Just leave me your email on the comment below and I will contact you with the address to send them to.  Thanks Chris for the idea. 

This was my favorite card I designed for our Local Community Center
Thank you cards for Community Center

Thank you cards for Community Center

These are four of my favorites.  I made 15 different designs.  That seems like a lot but I make them all the time, therefore, it really isn't allot as it gets tiring to make the same one.  However, their marketing people like to have some continuity with them

As far as the help in making the other cards it is from all ages of people to all ages of people.  We started thinking how nice it would be for the members of our community to be able to give their loved ones a card commensurate with the day without having to pay a large amount of money.  If you love this idea; I would love the help.  If you start this in your own community; let me know!  I love to give accolades and  I just may come up with a fabulous idea in the near future.  God Bless.  I'd love to hear from you. 
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Keep Crafting, NayNay

Thank you cards for Community Center

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