Friday, January 14, 2011

We're Back and Our Guest Designer as Promised is Steph Guerra !

Typically, Steph just loves to do cards (as I've noted below), however, I wanted her to design a home deco project and I just love this!  So if you have a teen, pre-teen or if you just love it like I do; below are the instructions on how to put this together.

But first, lets get to know her:

This is Steph!

She is 18 years old and she hails from South Florida.
She has had her Cricut for approximately a year and a half.
Her other fave tools: Cuttlebug, ATG, Gypsy

She owns 143 carts (Lucky!)
She has two siblings and she doesn't feel she has talent; she
states this is just something she likes to do.   I really believe she
has so much talent that I'm linking you to her blog. 
Can you say Fabulous?
You really just have to visit; you will be an instant follower.
She will be a Freshman in College next year.  Her
Major: Not 100% sure but she's leaning towards English Major


This is a hanging to hang on the front door for the New Year'
My thought is what a great thing to do each month and
re-decorate for each month. 
Cart Names: Smiley Cards    (Smiley Faces)
Songbird  (2011)
Sesame Street font  (Happy New Year)
Batman   (1/1/11)
She used the gypsy to set up the icons to cut them out.
This really was a simple project so there aren't too many steps
1. Cut out the 2011 bigger than the rest.
2. Then cut out the Happy New Year and 1/1/11 at a smaller size and place on top of the hanging.
3. The hanging is cut at 8x5.
4. Cut out the smiley faces with it's layers and paste onto wall hanging
5. Paper used is from the Tim Holtz Lost and Found Paper Pad

Let me know if you have any questions.  Again, I want to apologize for being late at posting.  I have literally had seven, yes seven family emergencies including my mother whom I am so close to.  She'll be a guest designer making the classiest cards ever when she is feeling better; she's 85 this year!  I really am trying not to let family situations pre-empt my blog but there was no way around this.  Please forgive and we'll try not to go there again.

I have four guest designers set up and I can not wait for you to experience their projects.  Steph you did a fabulous job and next time; I want you to do your cards.  We need to get the youth of our country involved in this fun hobby.  Thank you for all you have done for me and hope you'll visit again!

                                           Craft Yourself Away…with


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