Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Can I say about Provo Craft?

Seriously, I love Provo Craft, then I dislike them very much, then I  realize that I cannot live without them.  I just found out (from the BFF, Michele) that she purchased a My Story for Christmas, brand new for a crazy, crazy low price--I mean 75% off.  How could she go wrong.  I love making books and that's what I'm all about.  Well, that; cards and scrapbooking.  I don't know what I did before I had all these goodies to enhance my art.  It's safe to say I will use this book binding system a lot, even though I own two other systems also.  All three have special things about them, so I'm not sure which I will like best.   I also have a Big Shot, the mini Sissix and a Xyron Personal Electronic Die Cutter along with my Cricut Expression; and of course the Design Studio and the Gypsy.  Can you believe that I'm even part of the Cricut Circle; however, decided at this time not to order the Cricut Imagine.  I have decided to try to wait a good six months prior to purchasing the Imagine until all the "bugs" get worked out.  Notice I said try?

Any way if you've not noticed this yet and you own a Gypsy, as long as it was registered with PC prior to October 31, 2010, you will receive four downloads when you go on the Cricut Sync found by doing your regular gypsy sync  After that is completed delete the program Gypsy Sync but check first and make certain once the new information "Cricut Sync" is loaded on your desktop which has it's own icon.
Once this has been completed you will be able to upload your photos to the Gypsy and also do your layers.  I have all day tomorrow to play with this and I can hardly wait. 

One last little note.  My mother is somewhat of a hoarder and the other day she brought over several little cards that I made when I was about five.   I guess this is just in my blood.   I will pull them out soon and upload pictures of them.  They really aren't too bad considering they were made when I was five and the time was in the early 60's.  Acid free?  Ah, no acid free, archival, nothing just good ole construction paper!  I love them.  Watch for those soon.  God Bless and have a great day!

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