Saturday, November 13, 2010

Long Day, Christmas Card Planning

Do you ever do this?  You have your top 10 cards that you are going to make for yourself and those people whom you make their Christmas Cards for and at the last moment; CHANGE YOUR MIND?

I've spent all day dreaming up 10 new Christmas Cards and sketched them out, then tried to salvage the paper and embellishments that I had already cut with my Sissix and my Gypsy.  Darn those new cartridges, they get me everytime.  Hopefully, by tomorrow evening I will be on the road to starting to make all the cards I have to make.  I'm getting such a late start this year because my lovely daughter got married late in the summer and no, I was fortunate enough not to have to lend a hand in that arena, but I did have all the sewing to do for the flower girls and myself.  Then at the end of the week, just one day prior to her wedding, I went out and bought a dress almost exactly like the one I was making.  The problems was that I was sewing from a German pattern and the bust was entirely different than our measurements her.  Not to telll the world, but I'm pretty busty and the pattern was too small even though I have the large waist and hips to go with it, for some reason it just would not fit and to date I have not
been able to get it to fit.  That is almost more exacerbating that changing my mind about my Christmas Card Design. 

Luckily I only will have about 250 to make and should be done within a day or two, so not a problem; RIGHT?

I heard today on Scrapbook Memories TV from Stacy Julian that if we all spend a portion of everyday writing expressively and positively that our lives will improve.  Maybe that is why I have a great life.  I do love being about to craft and have no constraints on my time.  If you've never caught the show Scrapbook Memories, it is on BYU (Brigham Yound University) TV every day Monday through Friday at 3 a.m. and 3 p.m.  I just love this show.  There are a lot of re-runs, but I just set my DVR and if I've already seen it then I delete it. 

Hope you come back and visit.  As you can see, this is a new blog and I'm not sure I even have everything posted that needs to be, so bear with me and I promise, I'll make it special!

Oh, don't forget to visit Oh My Crafts on line.  They are having a wonderful Black Friday Sale for the next fifteen days!  I just had a blast and I shop a lot and know prices and they are rock bottom lower than any I've seen; at least on the web or here in little ole Oregon!

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