Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Day of Rest

Silly but true.  After thinking about my sketches all night, I decided to take today to just relax.  I was always taught Sunday was the day the Lord took after he created the Heavens and the Earth; so, since he made us in His Own Image I too took the day off.  After all, I did prepare everything to cut on the Cricut Expression using my Gypsy.  Love the new Layers!  I hope you all are getting to use all your crafting goodies for the Holidays.  This year I am not hosting Thanksgiving, so I just let that part go and let my daughter and her new husband worry about the decorations for that.  I may make a wreath (just a small 10" one) to take as a hostess gift.  Don't forget to take a hostess gift if you are going to someone Else's home for the Thanksgiving Holidays.  Taking a dish is not enough.

Hostess Gift Idea:

Honestly, I cannot remember if I read this in a magazine or saw it online, but I am not one to steal any one's ideas so please know this is "borrowed" from elsewhere (I just cannot remember where or find where I saw it for that I sincerely apologize)!

I personally would use a thin 10 Styrofoam wreath.  Make three to four types of leaves along with a mirror image for each leave.  Cut out a variety of autumnal colors to make it look real and please don't forget to emboss them.  Don't worry if you don't have a leaf embosser.  It is so easy to just put a line down the middle with a few veins on each side slanting downward.  Next take about 4 inches of wire for each leaf and using paper glue, glue mirror imaged leaves together with the wire inside, directly in the middle.  After you've made a collection of them.  Take floral tape and at different levels tape the leaves together  After you've a large bunch of leaves completed, start applying bunches of leaves going in one direction around the wreath form.  When complete, apply a bow, or a group of small gourds, pumpkins or attach a Thanksgiving Pilgrim (your wreath; your choice) to the top of the wreath.  Now arrange the leaves in desired fashion and (I leave this part until the very last, however, you could do this prior to gluing) shadow leaves with chalk.  One last little cute idea.  If so inclined; you could use the bottoms of acorns and glue a piece of quilling paper rolled the whole length of 18", the push from one side carefully to form the "acorn top".  Very cute and will last forever or just for the season.  Hope you'll try this is takes very little time when you vary the sizes and types of leaves and use the "fit to page" on your Cricut Expression. 

Hope this has given you ideas.   I was even thinking you could so this for Christmas using gingerbread boys and girls, snowflakes, stars, and whatnot.  Anyway, before I go:

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Have a fabulous evening and take care!
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