Friday, November 12, 2010

Weather and Crafting

Canby, Oregon sits just Southeast of Portland, Oregon.  We are all a bussel here and preparing for Christmas.  All of our major holiday bazaar's are open this weekend; in fact, one large one opened last weekend.  I absolutely love this time of year!  Not only does the weather lend itself to crafting, but it's just cozier.

I have a list of Christmas projects so long, I cannot believe it.  However, I'm not going to worry about it at all.  I know I'll get it done.  I decided to do everything just like "we" (my employees and myself) use to do when we had a large project at Swedish Hospital in Seattle.  List the products needed, set each step up in order (an assembly line), wrap and mail those items that need mailed prior than December 23rd.  I'm so blessed to have a Cricut, the Christmas cartridges and the Gypsy to help me accomplish all of my holiday projects.  I was going to list all of the items I would be utilizing this holiday season, but at some point, it becomes bragging and not just a mention of the products we love so dearly. 

I just have a feeling that this year will go smoothly.  Believe me, I will let you know as I go along if I'm on course or not!  Good luck to all of you and please share with us if you have any ideas about how you are accomplishing your list of holiday projects. 

Oh, just a side note.  I said I would list the other two binding products I use for putting together all types of books that I use.  They are Bind It All and Tozicle,  The basic difference is the Bind It All binds with wire and the Tozicle binds with plastic combs.  Both projects will accommodate most lengths however, only up to 1 inch on the Bind It All.  The other is much smaller.

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